Cast: George Wallace, Aline Towne, William Bakewell, Don Walters, Roy Barcroft, Clayton Moore
Running Time: 13 mins.

The final chapter of Radar Men From the Moon reveals that Commando Cody (George Wallace) survived the electrical charge due to his rocket pack. Stunned but alive, he overhears Retik (Roy Barcroft) charge Graber (Clayton Moore) and Daly (Bob Stevenson) with hiring more men to man the ray guns. Trailed to Al's Café, the henchmen put up a fierce fight but both are killed in the ensuing car chase. A defeated Retik attempts to escape by spaceship but is blown out of the skies by his own weapon, the ray gun. With the Earth finally safe from Retik and his planned invasion, Cody Laboratories can return to the peaceful business of producing rocket ships on, as Henderson (Don Walters) puts it, "a large scale."