Cast: Bobby Jordan, Leo Gorcey, Dave "Tex" O'Brien, George Humbert, Hally Chester, Frankie Burke, Donald Haines, Vince Barnett, Minerva Urecal
Running Time: 62 mins.

In their second Monogram caper, Knuckles and the East Side Kids are on their way to camp in the Adirondacks when they offer a lift to Judge Parker and his ward Louise, who are having car trouble -- the learned jurist's secluded mansion proves to be in the haunted house category complete with sliding panels, hidden passageways, and a deranged housekeeper. When the judge is found murdered and his ward missing, henchmen Giles (Denny Moore) and Simp (Vince Barnett) naturally accuse Knuckles, who has a motive but no alibi. In their bumbling search for the judge's missing ward, the boys stumble across a prowling detective (Alden Chase), however, and the real culprit is soon unmasked to be none other than -- well, suffice it to say, the killer is the least likely candidate, the East Side Kids, Louise, and Knuckles not included.