Cast: Directed by Tex Avery
Running Time: 7 mins.

"A Day At The Zoo" was one of Tex Avery's early experiments with the "spot-gag" cartoon format- cartoons consisting of many short jokes about a particular subject, with no plot except for a narration that holds everything together. One-liners and sight gags during a narrated tour of the zoo, punctuated by a running gag involving Egghead teasing a lion at intervals, despite the narrator's admonishments. The Alcatraz Jail Bird cries out from his cage, "I didn't do it -- I was framed, I tell you!" The Stool Pigeon in the cage next to him says, "You did too do it, I saw you." The Rocky Mountain Wildcat jumps hysterically all around his cage. The narrator asks him, "What makes you so wild?" The wildcat answers, "They called my name out on bank night, and I wasn't there -- THAT makes me wild." Egghead ends up in the lion's stomach.