Cast: Roger Jacquet, Anne Cornaly, Anker Larsen
Running Time: 24 mins.

This short French film, based on the haunting short story by Mabrose Bierce, won an award at Cannes, as well as taking the Academy Award for Best Short Subject in the live action category. Though these are indeed great honors, this movie would have most likely faded into obscurity over time. However, fate had one more surprise in store for it. The producer for the final season of "Twilight Zone" had seen the short, and since the season for the show was running over budget, he decided to buy the television rights to the short to show it as an episode of the series. It was an excellent choice; not only does the mood of the short fit well with that of the series, but since there were only a handful of lines of dialogue (and these were in English), no dubbing of lines was required.