Cast: Jack Webb, Ben Alexander, Tony Barrett, Carolyn Jones, Jack Kruschen
Running Time: 26 mins.

"The story you are about to see is true", "Just the facts, ma'am", "We were working the day watch" -- Phrases which became so popular as to inspire much parody set the realistic tone of this early police drama. The show emphasized careful police work and the interweaving of policemen's professional and personal lives. Dragnet featured Jack Webb as the inimitable Sergeant Joe Friday and Ben Alexander as his trusty partner/sidekick, Officer Frank Smith. In this episode: A man is found dead in the gutter. At first it seems as a routine hit and run case, but Friday and Smith become suspicious when all the witnesses from the night before give the exact same story. Usually witnesses are at variance in some respects. Something is not right and the two detectives must find out what it is...