Cast: George Wallace, Aline Towne, William Bakewell, Don Walters, Roy Barcroft, Clayton Moore
Running Time: 13 mins.

As chapter eight of Radar Men From the Moon reveals, Commando Cody (George Wallace) zoomed out of the aircraft in his rocket suit while Ted Richards (William Bakewell) escaped by parachute seconds before their aircraft was hit by Graber's (Clayton Moore) ray gun. Lunarium is desperately needed to protect the Earth against the invaders' powerful weapon and Cody, Ted and Joan Gilbert (Aline Towne) return to the Moon by rocket ship. With a little friendly persuasion and a sample of Joan fine home cooking, a captured Moon man, Robal (Noel Cravat), willingly reveals the location of the all-important material. Cody and Ted, using subterfuge, gain access to Retik's lair and successfully locate a box of lunarium. But their getaway vehicle, a stolen lunar scout tank, is rendered immobile by a ray gun blast and Ted flies out to attack the pursuers with hand grenades. Cody, meanwhile, attempts to repair a busted pressure line but a second blast severely damages his source of oxygen.