Cast: George Wallace, Aline Towne, William Bakewell, Don Walters, Roy Barcroft, Clayton Moore
Running Time: 13 mins.

In chapter three of Radar Men From the Moon, Commando Cody (George Wallace) and Ted Richards (William Bakewell) discover a hitherto unseen side exit from the mountain and escape the molten lava. The expedition having accomplished its goal, the rocket ship returns to Earth where the welcoming party, a couple of police officers (Joe Bailey & Guy Teague), is engaged in a fierce gun battle with two of Retik's earthly henchmen, Graber (Clayton Moore) and Daly (Bob Stevenson). Outmatched by the newcomers, the latter make their escape with Cody in hot pursuit. The chase leads directly to a wooden bridge, which Graber cleverly mines. As chapter three reaches its conclusion, the bridge explodes and Cody's car plunges into the river below.