Cast: George Wallace, Aline Towne, William Bakewell, Don Walters, Roy Barcroft, Clayton Moore
Running Time: 20 mins.

In Chapter one of Republic's Radar Men From the Moon, scientist Commando Cody (George Wallace) and his friends Joan Gilbert (Aline Towne) and Ted Richards (William Bakewell) are advised by government official Henderson (Don Walters) that the mysterious explosions that have been crippling America's defense systems may be caused by atomic rays emanating from the moon. Taking action, Cody manages to prevent another disaster by using his flying rocket ship, thus angering Krog (Peter Brocco), an earthly emissary of the lunar dictator Retik. Deciding to look into matters more thoroughly, Cody, Ted and Joan travel to the moon by space ship and Cody gains access to the ruler's palatial headquarters. A defiant Retik (Roy Barcroft) takes time out from plotting an invasion of Planet Earth to explain how the moon's atmosphere is rapidly dwindling. When Cody remains unmoved by this serious piece of news, Retik shoots him at point blank range with an atomic ray gun.